Will Great American Ball Park Solve Dodgers' Offensive Woes?

The Dodgers try to figure out just what has gone wrong with their offense.

We will know if the Dodgers' offensive malaise has hit rock bottom if they can't score in the hitter's paradise that is Great American Ball Park. The Dodgers are in town for a three-game series against the Reds, leaders of the National League Central and first team in the NL to clinch a playoff berth this season.

The Dodgers have had a fun time offensively against the Reds in Cincinnati since their park opened in 2003.

Dodgers At Great American Ball Park
Dates Games Runs Wins
June 3-5, 2011 3 21 2
June 15-27, 2010 3 19 2
Apr. 20-22, 2010 3 28 1
Aug. 28-30, 2009 3 16 2
June 17-19, 2008 3 16 3
Apr. 21-22, 2008 2 10 1
Aug. 7-9, 2007 3 5 1
Aug. 1-3, 2006 3 18 3
May 6-8, 2005 3 25 2
Aug. 10-12, 2004 3 21 2
Apr. 22-24, 2003 3 4 1

The Dodgers are 20-12 all-time at Great American Ball Park, and have averaged 5.72 runs per game. In fact, in only two of 11 series have the Dodgers averaged under five runs per game. If they can't hit here, the Dodgers can't hit anywhere.

Friday's Pitching Matchup

There have been 188 home runs hit in 75 Reds home games this season and 120 home runs hit in 75 Reds road games this season, making Great American Ball Park the third-most most home run friendly stadium in MLB. Which makes Friday's pitching duel just about perfect.

Joe Blanton leads the National League with 29 home runs allowed, while Bronson Arroyo is tied for sixth win 24 long balls allowed. Since the beginning of July, Arroyo is 9-3 with a 3.32 ERA in 14 starts.

Blanton is 1-4 with a 6.07 ERA in eight starts as a Dodger, though his peripherals (39 strikeouts, 13 unintentional walks in 46 innings) have led to a 4.36 FIP and 3.65 xFIP.

Game Time: 4:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket, MLB Network

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