Dodgers NLCS history

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The Dodgers will begin play in their 10th National League Championship Series on Friday. They have won five of the previous nine series.

The Dodgers will be playing their 10th NLCS since that round was added to the postseason in 1969. They started off well, winning the first four NLCS they played in (1974, 1977, 1978, and 1981) but have won but one series (defeating New York Mets in 1988) since 1983. Here is a quick review of those prior nice NLCS appearances.

1974: The Dodgers played their first League Championship series against the Pittsburgh Pirates and opened that series with a 3-0 shutout by Don Sutton (who faced future Dodger pitcher Jerry Reuss). They also won Game 2 to take a 2-0 lead. After losing Game 3 at home, the Dodgers and Don Sutton would win Game 4 and the series 3-1. Box Scores.

1977: In their first of three best of 5 series against the Phillies, the Dodgers would lose the first game at Dodger Stadium. After winning Game 2, the Dodgers won Game 3 in Philadelphia on a memorable ninth inning rally and then Tommy John pitched them to the pennant to win the series 3-1. Box Scores.

1978: In the their second series against the Phillies, the Dodgers on the back of four home runs, including two by Steve Garvey, won Game 1 in Philadelphia. The Dodgers would take Game 2 to come back to Dodger Stadium with a chance to wrap it up in three games. But they lost Game 3 which led to a walk-off pennant-clinching hit by Bill Russell driving home Ron Cey. Box Scores.

1981: The Dodgers took on the Montreal Expos in this NLCS. Dodgers won Game 1 by a score 5-1 with the backing of home runs by Pedro Guerrero and Mike Scioscia. Ray Burris beat Fernando Valenzuela 3-0 to take the series back to Montreal tied 1-1. The Dodgers would fall behind 2-1 before winning Games 4 and 5, the pennant winner being a solo shot by Rick Monday on Monday afternoon. Box Scores.

1983: The Dodgers lost Game 1 to the Phillies 1-0 as Steve Carlton bested Jerry Reuss. The Dodgers would win Game 2 but then lost a pair of 7-2 decisions to the Phillies as they lost their League Championship series (and the last one they played as a best-of-5). Box Scores.

1985: The Dodgers played the St. Louis Cardinals for the first time in the NLCS. This series was covered earlier on Thursday. Box scores.

1988: This year is the 25th anniversary of this classic series and is the subject of this series of stories, click on the following games -- Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4 -- to read more about them. The Dodgers beat the 100-win Mighty Mets in seven games. Box scores.

2008: The Dodgers played in their first NLCS in 20 years and it wasn't particularly satisfying. A misplay by Rafael Furcal in Game 1 helped Philadelphia take that game and the Dodgers would come home trailing 2-0. The Dodgers won Game 3 but two home runs, the first by Shane Victorino and the second by Matt Stairs would snatch victory from the Dodgers in Game 4 and the Dodgers would eventually lose the series 4-1. Box scores.

2009: The Dodgers would play in their first back to back NLCS since 1978 but despite having home field advantage, they again lost Game 1 to the Phillies. Dodgers won Game 2 on an error and a walk but again with a chance to tie the series at 2, a late inning rally by the Phillies denied that opportunity and the Phillies closed out the series in five games. Box scores.

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