TBLA Survivor Football Week 8 Results, Week 9 Picks

Congratulations to those who survived Week 8. Make your picks below.

The rules are as follows:

  • Signify your entry into this contest by simply entering your first pick
  • One selection per week
  • Cannot select a team more than once over the course of a season
  • If you do not select a team in a given week, you are eliminated.
  • If you select a team you have previously used and do not submit an unused team, you are eliminated.
  • If we have multiple teams left standing at the end of the year, a tiebreaker question will be the decider.
  • If all remaining participants are eliminated on the same week, they will each select again the following week, but will not be allowed to choose the team they lost with.
  • You may make a selection up until the start of the final game of the week, and may change your selection until the start of your team's game that week. For example: if you've selected the Broncos in Week 1, you have until 5:30pm PT Thursday to change your pick.
  • Please limit initial entries in this thread to one word, your pick.

Last week's picks:

Player Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8
silverwidow Colts Bengals Seahawks Chiefs Broncos 49ers Packers Saints
Xeifrank Colts Texans Seahawks Broncos Rams 49ers Packers Saints
J Scott B Dolphins Falcons Seahawks Colts Broncos Bears Packers 49ers
azulloco22 Bears Raiders Saints Colts Packers Broncos Chiefs 49ers
DodgerFan1 Colts Bengals Seahawks Redskins Rams Broncos Packers 49ers
DodgerSF Saints Ravens Patriots Colts Broncos Steelers Chiefs 49ers
ibleedcowboyblue Texans Raiders Seahawks Colts Chargers
Chris Minnick Colts Ravens Bears Redskins Falcons
doscinco Rams Raiders Seahawks Colts Falcons
kinbote Patriots Ravens Seahawks Colts Falcons
Franklin Brock Colts Ravens Seahawks Bengals
nolander Colts Texans Seahawks Bengals
robotmadeofnails Colts Texans Seahawks Bengals
Blue Is The Color Dolphins Bills Giants
Maddz Colts Falcons Vikings
cldpc Chiefs Raiders Vikings
Eric Stephen Texans Ravens Vikings
BFDC Colts
BigSantana78 Colts
Real DL Colts
soolongfrankie Colts
twoturtlelou Texans
ThomasH93 Patriots Colts
arbfuldodger Texans Eagles
fbihop Dolphins Eagles
Gscott Rams Eagles
SeanMillerSavior Texans Eagles
The Foils Broncos Eagles
68elcamino427 Vikings
bhsportsguy Steelers
chris_aitken Vikings
Hollwood Joe Steelers
ivdown Buccaneers
Lincoln Kupchak Steelers
MammothDodger Browns
mccoy9 Buccaneers
mleadman Giants
Nolij Jaguars
Phil Gurnee Steelers
Pure Azure Buccaneers
Scottielew Buccaneers
shakyamooni Browns
SLCDodgerfan Buccaneers
Zach in Boise Steelers

This week's slate of games:

Thursday, October 31

5:25 PM (PT)

Sunday, November 3

10:00 AM (PT)


10:00 AM (PT)


10:00 AM (PT)


10:00 AM (PT)


10:00 AM (PT)


10:00 AM (PT)


1:05 PM (PT)


1:05 PM (PT)


1:25 PM (PT)


1:25 PM (PT)


5:30 PM (PT)

Monday, November 4

5:40 PM (PT)


Please make your selections below.

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