Fund Eric Stephen's second annual trip to Camelback

Jon SooHoo | LA Dodgers

One year ago Eric Stephen ventured forth to Camelback to cover the Los Angeles Dodgers for the entirety of spring training. It was a great success for everyone as Eric was able to post multiple daily reports on the comings and going of the Dodger spring training. Eric made contacts that would prove invaluable throughout the year which enabled him to give his True Blue LA readers the best possible information about their Dodgers.

Last year Eric received some donations from the TBLA faithful to help him in his journey. It is now time once again to reach into our pockets and help Eric on this years journey. While the Dodger payroll has ballooned to a bazillion dollars, a blogger's meager earnings can use some supplementing.

Again I urge many of you to simply give something, to those who can give more please do. We have had some very generous benefactors in the past and Eric has always appreciated the generosity. Even those feeling the pinch, please drop something in the can, simply to let Eric know you appreciate what he does for you. It does not have to be much, but if enough do it, it will add up.

Many have expressed an interest in buying Eric a beer, this is buying Eric a beer. No one should have to venture into Arizona and live on water.

His PayPal account is:



yahoo dot com


Trying to make is as easy as possible, if you don't have a Paypal Account but would still like to make a donation I have also setup this web site. Be assured all monies donated will find there way into Eric's pocket.

Eric is the fine sax player you walk by everyday who makes you feel a little better as you go or come home from work. You can hear five or six sax players during your commute but none of them move you as much as Eric because none of them are as good as Eric, or work as hard at their craft.

Even though you enjoy the sounds you never feel you should put money in the can because he’s doing what he loves. You ignore the can and the guilt that comes with ignoring the can. You can rationalize it until you are blue in the face.

One day the sax player is gone replaced with someone who can play the sax but has no soul, no depth, no humor. You regret you never thanked him and miss how he made your day more tenable.

Don't live with regret

Go Fund Eric's 2nd annual Camelback Trip

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