Hyun-jin Ryu debut kicks off Radio Korea Dodgers broadcast schedule


Radio Korea 1540 AM will broadcast 60 Dodgers games in 2013, beginning with Hyun-jin Ryu's major league debut Tuesday night.

Hyun-jin Ryu will make his major league debut Tuesday night, and it will be the first game broadcast by the new Korean radio partner of the Dodgers. Radio Korea 1540 AM will broadcast 60 games in 2013, with announcers Richard Choi and Chong Ho Yim.

"We are excited that Ryu’s first start will be accessible to the Korean-speaking community tonight," said Dodgers chief marketing officer Lon Rosen. "We look forward to continuing the Dodgers’ longstanding relationship with Radio Korea and working toward strengthening our connection with the Korean community in Southern California and back in Ryu’s native country."

Radio Korea has broadcast Dodgers games off and on for over two decades, beginning in 1990.

"Radio Korea is very excited to be the official Korean language broadcaster of the Dodgers," said Choi, who is also vice chairman of Radio Korea Media Group. "We have a long history with the Dodgers. And with the new ownership of the Dodgers and Hyun-Jin Ryu from Korea, this will be a very special season for the Korean community."

Here are the 36 games that have been locked in by Radio Korea, with more to be added throughout the season:

  • Apr. 2 vs. SF
  • Apr. 7 vs. Pit
  • Apr. 12 at Ari
  • Apr. 15 vs. SD
  • Apr. 17 vs. SD
  • Apr. 24 at NYM
  • Apr. 29 vs. Col
  • May 5 at SF
  • May 8 vs. Ari
  • May 11 vs. Mia
  • May 13 vs. Was
  • May 17 at Atl
  • May 22 at Mil
  • May 25 vs. StL
  • May 27 vs. Ana
  • May 28 vs. Ana
  • Jun. 3 vs. SD
  • Jun. 8 vs. Atl
  • Jun. 26 vs. SF
  • Jun. 29 vs. Phi
  • July 13 vs. Col
  • July 25 vs. Cin
  • July 26 vs. Cin
  • July 27 vs. Cin
  • July 28 vs. Cin
  • July 30 vs. NYY
  • July 31 vs. NYY
  • Aug. 10 vs. TB
  • Aug. 14 vs. NYM
  • Aug. 24 vs. Bos
  • Aug. 25 vs. Bos
  • Aug. 28 vs. ChC
  • Aug. 31 vs. SD
  • Sep. 9 vs. Ari
  • Sep. 14 vs. SF
  • Sep. 28 vs. Col
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