Bet the house

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

It is postseason time, and while many will wring their hands, and start to fret about who is going to be the 25th player on the postseason roster. I'm here to tell you. Relax. This baby is already in the bag.

I love my history, and if history doesn't tell me what I want, I can work my way around it. This cherry picked history for Dodger fans tells me the Dodgers should be the prohibitive favorites to win their sixth World Championship since moving to Los Angeles.

Why you ask?

Is it because they have the best one two starting punch in baseball with Clayton Kershaw and Zack Grienke?

Is it because they have the best hitter in MLB in Hanley Ramirez?

It is because they have four All-Star outfielders?

Is it because they have the most dominant catcher-turned-closer in the history of baseball?

Is it because they have the beard?

Is it because they have Uribe presence?

is it because they added Michael Young (2,374 hits) to simply be a pinch hitter?

Is it because Punto/Skippy are the ring bearers?

No, it is none of these things. While all those things will make it happen, the one reason you should be betting your house in Vegas this morning is because the Dodgers have two things going for them.

1. They are going to the postseason

2. They have a rotational Cy Young award winner on their team.

Since Division play began, that combination for the Dodgers has never lost a postseason series. Never.

1981 - Fernando Valenzuela (Houston 3 - 2 / Montreal 3 - 2 / NYY 4 -2)

1988 - Orel Hershiser (NYM  4- 3 / Oakland 4 - 1)

2013 - Clayton Kershaw (???)

If it wasn't for 1966 I wouldn't have to cherry pick just divisional years.

1963 - Sandy Koufax (NYY 4 - 0)

1965 - Sandy Koufax (Twins 4 - 3)

If it wasn't for Mike Marshall in '74 I wouldn't have to cherry pick "rotational" Cy Young award winner.

Having the best starting pitcher in baseball is a good sign the for Dodgers. When you combine the best pitcher in baseball with Zack Grienke, just ask the Yankee's in 63 and the Twins in 65 what it felt like to face Koufax and Drysdale.

It won't be easy, the Astros / Expos/ Yankees all gave the Dodgers all they could handle in '81. In 1988 for a while it seemed the Mets would not let the Dodgers even get to the World Series. In each instance the Cy Young winner made it happen. In 2013, Clayton Kershaw is about to embark on the greatest postseason pitching stretch since 1988.

You can count on it.

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