Which Dodgers last names are best for Scrabble?

Thanks to the signing of Erisbel Arruebarrena and my current obsession with Scrabble through the app, I decided to take a look at the last names of each person on Los Angeles Dodgers' 40-man roster and see who would have the best Scrabble names. I used the "unofficial Scrabble cheat tool" that I do not use when actually playing. I swear.

Remember, this is last-name only.

Pedro Baez - ZA 10 points

Josh Beckett - BECKET 14 points

Chad Billingsley - ILLEGIBLY 15 points

Jose Dominguez -- GIZMO 17 points

Scott Elbert - TREBLE 8 points

Stephen Fife - FIFE, FIEF 10 points

Onelki Garcia - AGARIC 9 points

Yimi Garcia - AGARIC 9 points

Zack Greinke - REEKING 12 points

Javy Guerra - ARGUER 7 points

Dan Haren - HERN, RHEA, HARE, HEAR, HAEN 7 points

JP Howell - WHOLE 11 points

Kenley Jansen - JEANS 12 points

Clayton Kershaw - HAWKERS 17 points

Brandon League - LEAGUE 7 points

Matt Magill - MAILL, GLIM, MAGI 7 points

Paul Maholm - HMM 10 points

Jarret Martin - MARTIN 8 points

Chris Perez - PREZ 15 points

Paco Rodrigiuez - DOZIER 16 points

Seth Rosin - ORNIS 5 points

Hyun-Jin Ryu - No words for Ryu, JINN, HINNY 11 points for Hyun-Jin

Brian Wilson - WINOS 8 points

Chris Withrow - WORTH, WROTH, WHORT, ROWTH, THROW 11 points

Jamey Wright - WRIGHT 13 points

Drew Butera - ARBUTE 8 points

AJ Ellis - LISLE 5 points

Tim Federowicz - FRIZED 19 points

Erisbel Arruebarrena - BARRENER 10 points

Adrian Gonzalez - NOZZLE 24 points

Dee Gordon - DRONGO 8 points

Alex Guerrero - ROUGE 6 points

Hanley Ramirez - MAZIER 17 points

Juan Uribe - RUBE, BRIE, BIER 6 points

Mike Baxter - TAXER, RETAX, EXTRA 12 points

Nick Buss - SUBS 6 points

Carl Crawford - FROWARD, FORWARD 14 points

Andre Ethier - EITHER 9 points

Matt Kemp - KEMP 12 points

Yasiel Puig - PUG, PIG, GIP 6 points

Scott Van Slyke - ALKYNES 14 points

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