The Super SSS Dodgers, 2013 edition

We all know about Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford, Andre Ethier, Hanley Ramirez and others missing significant time in the 2013 season. This allows some names you normally won't see to get some playing time.

It gave us Yasiel Puig and a surprisingly effective Danny Devito Nick Punto. But it also gave us guys who were just up for a week or two and got a plate appearance here, a plate appearance there.

These are guys that most Los Angeles Dodgers fans wouldn't know from the guy down the street. Those of us at TBLA are a bit obsessive about the team and so we know who these guys are.

I looked at those with very small sample sizes -- both hitters and pitchers. And man, were there a lot of pitchers with small sample sizes.


Here are the Dodgers position players who had fewer plate appearances than Clayton Kershaw (92).

Justin Sellers 77 .188 .263 .246 -0.1
Ramon Hernandez 55 .208 .291 .438 0.4
Michael Young 53 .314 .321 .3924 -0.2
Nick Buss 20 .105 .150 .105 -0.2
Alex Castellanos 18 .167 .167 .389 -0.3
Drew Butera 7 .143 .143 .143 -0.1

Some thoughts:

  • Ramon Hernandez had ten total hits in 2013. Three were home runs and two were doubles.
  • Hernandez had one stolen base. The only other Dodgers with less than 100 PA with a stolen base was Zack Greinke, who had two.
  • Alex Castellanos had three hits, including one home run and one double.
  • Zack Greinke was a better hitter than everyone on this list in nearly every way. He even had more walks (7) than the top man on this list (Hernandez had 6).
  • Dee Gordon narrowly avoided this list. He had 106 PA.

Small Sample Size Pitchers A total of 14 pitchers had 30 innings pitched or less.
One started six games and still did not have more than 30 IP. One failed to even get one person out.
Some are on this list because they got hurt. Others are on this list because they came to the Dodgers late in the season. Others were just plain bad. And then, Skip Schumaker.

Matt Guerrier 30.0 34 4.80 4.25 -0.2
Edinson Volquez 28.0 5 4.18 4.37 0.0
Matt Magill 27.2 6 6.51 7.13 -0.8
Ted Lilly 23.0 5 5.09 4.94 -0.2
Carlos Marmol 21.1 21 2.53 3.94 0.0
Peter Moylan 15.1 14 6.46 6.18 -0.4
Brian Wilson 13.2 18 0.66 2.02 0.4
Chad Billingsley 12.0 2 3.00 4.38


Javy Guerra 10.2 9 6.75 3.99


Jose Dominguez 10.2 9 2.16 3.53


Josh Wall






Skip Schumaker 2.0 2 0.00 6.55


Onelki Garcia 1.1 3 13.50 20.30


Shawn Tolleson 0.0 1 0.00 9.05


Some thoughts:

  • Tolleson faced two batters and walked both.
  • Carlos Marmol struck out 27 of the 96 batters he faced. Marmol walked 19 out of the 96 batters he faced.
  • Matt Magill walked 28 batters and struck out 26.
  • Skip Schumaker is the best.
  • Brian Wilson allowed just 12 of the 49 batters he faced to reach base.
  • Edinson Volquez had five wild pitches, tied for fourth-most. Clayton Kershaw had 12 to lead the team.
  • Marmol was one of two Dodgers pitches to balk this season and had just one. The other? Kershaw with two balks.
  • The Dodgers' relief pitching staff had a total of 10 PA. None got a hit, although Brandon League worked a walk.

So there you go. The Dodgers who you may have forgot about (I honestly can't remember one thing Hernandez did) or may have wanted to forget about (Matt Magill wasn't fun to watch).
Of the 2011 list, only one is still in the Dodgers organization (Tim Federowicz). Of the batters on the 2013 list, it is likely that none will be around by the end of next season!
So treasure these memories of these Super Small Sample Size Dodgers. Because you never know how long they will be around.

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