2014 MLB Draft: Dodgers sign 10 mid-round picks

17th-round draft pick Tyler Wampler, a shortstop from Indiana State, was one several Dodgers to sign Friday. - Indiana State University

The Dodgers have signed 21 of their 40 draft picks, including eight of their top 10. First-round pick Grant Holmes remains unsigned.

LOS ANGELES -- The Dodgers on Friday announced the signing of 10 mid-round picks, from rounds 13 to 31 of the MLB Draft. In addition the team confirmed the signings of third-round pick Jeff Richy out of UNLV and fourth-round pick Jeff Brigham out of Washington.

The Dodgers have signed 21 of their 40 picks, including eight of their top 10 picks. The club has officially announced 19 signings, with only sixth-rounder Brock Stewart and seventh-rounder Trevor Oaks not yet official.

The 10 mid-round picks announced as signed on Friday (click on names for more info):

13th round: RHP Ryan Taylor, Arkansas Tech

14th round: SS Kelvin Ramos, San Jacinto College North (Texas)

15th round: RHP Joe Broussard, LSU

17th round: SS Tyler Wampler, Indiana State

18th round: 1B Clint Freeman, East Tennessee State

20th round: OF Brian Wolfe, Washington

21st round: SS Ivan Vela, Oklahoma Baptist

22nd round: RHP Bubby Rossman, Cal State Dominguez Hills

26th round: 2B Deion Ulmer, Holmes JC

31st round: RHP Derrick Sylvester, Southern New Hampshire

None of the bonus amounts are known yet for the 10 mid-round picks, but per Baseball America ninth-round pick Matt Campeball signed for $20,000 and 10th-round pick Colin Hering signed for $5,000, both well below slot. Here is a look at the Dodgers bonus pool:

Dodgers 2014 Draft Bonus Pool
Round Pick Name Pos Bonus Slot amount Overage
1 22 Grant Holmes RHP $1,980,500
2 62 Alex Verdugo OF $914,600 $914,600 $0
3 98 John Richy RHP $534,400 $534,400 $0
4 129 Jeff Brigham RHP $396,300 $396,300 $0
5 159 Jared Walker 3B $296,700 $296,700 $0
6 189 Brock Stewart RHP unknown $222,200 unknown
7 219 Trevor Oaks RHP $161,600 $166,600 ($5,000)
8 249 Hunter Redman C $154,500
9 279 Matt Campbell RHP $20,000 $144,300 ($124,300)
10 309 Colin Hering OF $5,000 $137,600 ($132,600)
Bonuses over $100,000 (rounds 11-40) $0 $0 $0
Totals $2,328,600 $4,947,700 ($261,900)

The Dodgers can spend $247,384 over their slot amounts and not quite reach the five percent threshold that would cost a future first-round draft pick. Coupled with the $261,900 they have already saved with the signings of Oaks, Campbell and Hering, the club has an extra $509,284 it can spend on bonuses, whether it be for first-rounder Grant Holmes or any post-10th-round picks requiring over $100,000 to sign.

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