Dodgers comeback struggles

The Dodgers are 0-46 in games that they trail after seven innings, which is a problem. But the far more concerning problem is having a weakened team not able to avoid being put in those situations...

The case for trading Matt Kemp


In a situation that is far from ideal, the Dodgers have a tough choice on their hands. Andrew Grant looks at the reasons why a Matt Kemp trade would make sense.

Puig's time to shine


Yasiel Puig will have two nights to shine on the big stage in Minnesota, in the Home Run Derby on Monday and in the All-Star Game on Tuesday at Target Field.

How often do draft picks turn into regular players


Grant Holmes is the next great hope for the Dodgers, but the odds of him taking over a slot on the rotation may be longer than you think.

Farewell, Tony Gwynn


Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn passed away on Monday at age 54. The Padres legend is one of the greatest opponents the Dodgers have ever faced.

Kill it with fire


The Dodgers on July 4 will wear terrible caps when they play the Rockies at Coors Field. But they shouldn't have to.

When to spend on proven relief


The Dodgers have the luxury of Kenley Jansen handling the ninth, but teams that don't need to get relief help somewhere. There are times when spending money on a closer is totally appropriate, and...

Why we care about fringe transactions


Fringe players get traded all the time, but sometimes these moves can have consequences even if the player traded away does nothing of note.

The development of Arruebarrena

With Erisbel Arruebarrena hardly playing, the Dodgers might be better served to send him back down to the minors to play every day and continue to develop, rather than stay buried on the bench.

Who will replace Carl Crawford?


A look at the options to replace Carl Crawford on the roster when the left fielder goes on the disabled list later Wednesday. It could be top prospect Joc Pederson, or it could be a bench player...


Paul Maholm & the low-risk signing


A look at Paul Maholm's performance to date in 2014 has made Andrew Grant question the idea of a "low-risk" signing having "no downside."

The Dodgers reliever curse


The Dodger bullpen over the last decade has been mostly great, but it hasn't been due to spending.

Men of steal

Dee Gordon and the Dodgers lead the major leagues in stolen bases. Might they lead the league in steals for the first time in 44 years?

Have options, will travel


Chris Withrow has been lights out in the early going for the Dodgers, but he also has minor league options remaining. Will he remain in the Dodgers bullpen as it returns to full strength?

What to expect from Chad Billingsley

With Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley getting closer to a return to the major leagues after Tommy John surgery, here's a look at what to expect from the right-hander going forward.

What Julio Urias is, and what he isn't


On minor league opening day, Andrew Grant takes stock of what the Dodgers have in 17-year-old left-handed pitching prospect extraordinaire Julio Urias.

Why the Dodgers will win in 2014


After stalling in the NLCS in 2008, 2009 and 2013, the Dodgers look to get over the hump in 2014.

On Yasiel Puig & team meetings

The Dodgers held a team meeting regarding Yasiel Puig on Tuesday, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Stop stat abuse


Statistical analysis is a very important part of baseball, but ESPN's new push could drive people away from them permanently.

An Opening Day many fans can't watch

The Dodgers begin their regular season on Saturday early morning on a television network that many fans in Los Angeles aren't yet able to watch. The options - the legal ones - are limited.

Guessing the opening day 28-man roster


A look at where the Dodgers stand one day before they leave for Australia.

2014 v. 2010 Dodgers: Expectations vs. results


The Dodgers are correctly favored to win the National League West by a decent margin, but the parallels to the 2010 team gives Andrew Grant a healthy dose of skepticism.

How Rosin gets to Australia


The tall right-hander continued to pitch well for the Dodgers on Monday. Here's how the Rule 5 pick can be kept a little bit longer, if he keeps it up.

Leave Kenley alone


The Dodgers' best reliever has opened each of the last two seasons as a setup man, but 2014 should be different.

Dodgers bench wide open

None of the five spots on the Dodgers bench is guaranteed with less than five weeks before opening day. The club has open competition for several spots, with Dee Gordon, Scott Van Slyke, Justin...

Salary arbitration: A necessary evil


We take an inside look at the salary arbitration process through those who have experienced it on both sides. Kenley Jansen and the Dodgers reached a contract agreement last week, making seven...

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