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Celebrate the 1988 Dodgers Championship

Almost every baseball fan has seen the video of an injured Gibby rounding the bases and pumping his fist after hitting a homer to win Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. It was the signature moment in the Dodgers’ improbable run to a championship.

Crazy Eddie Holds A Sale

Disclaimer - this is FICTION, just in case you don't understand, THIS IS FICTION Disclaimer - the salaries may not be exact matches but not enough to make much difference. Frank - Eddie, I've been...

Blue Dahlia - Chapter Three - The Sting

Blue Dahlia - Chapter Three - The Sting


Blue Dahlia - Chapter Two - The Beguiling

Chapter One can be found here ---------------------- The TBLA Karaoke night at Gabe's Bar N Grill had been a huge success. They had only expected around eight but by the time the evening was...

Blue Dahlia - Chapter One

Twenty one year old Dahlia became a Dodger fan the same way that millions of Dodger fans became Dodger fans. At no time in her life could she not remember the golden tones of Vinny, it was what...

Dark Materials

With the news of Juan Pierre dwindling down and not much else to talk about I'd thought I'd resurrect an old story I wrote when I was bored to tears before I changed jobs.  This was originally...

Trading Time

When he hung up the phone he knew the sun was setting on his tenure as the Dodger GM and he needed something big to save his job. The job itself had lost its luster with the constant 2nd guessing...

Your Killing Me Larry

Ned: Hey Larry, I understand Miggy is on the table Larry: Yup, the papers said you'd be calling Ned: Were looking to make a big splash and no one can make a bigger splash then your boy Larry: More...

Flanders Follies

Ned: Grady, if I bring up La Roche tomorrow would you play him. Grady: You mean the guy who didn't hit a lick the last time you gave him to me. Ned: Yeah, but he was hurt then, now he's on fire....


Neddies World

Flanders sat with his head in hands. His team had just come back from a 5 run deficit, but the game was about to enter extra innings and they only had Proctor and Hernandez left. Not exactly his...

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