2013 MLB Draft: Dodgers & bloodlines

The Dodgers took RHP Greg Harris Jr., son of the former Expos pitcher, in the 17th round - Getty Images

A look at 2013 MLB Draft picks by the Dodgers with ties to baseball, as well as picks by other teams tied to the Dodgers.

Many major league teams like to draft players with major league bloodlines, and the Dodgers are no different. Here is a look at the players picked by the Dodgers in the 2013 MLB Draft who grew up in and around the game:

  • Cody Bellinger, the son of former big league infielder Clay Bellinger, a high school first baseman from Arizona was picked in the fourth round, 124th overall. Bellinger has reportedly already agreed to terms with the Dodgers.
  • J.D. Underwood, the son of former major league pitcher Tom Underwood, a junior college right-handed pitcher from Florida was taken in the fifth round, 154th overall
  • RHP Nick Keener, the 10th round pick out of Mansfield in Pennsylvania, is the son of Stephen Keener, the president and CEO of Little League International.
  • In the 12th round the Dodgers took BYU third baseman Adam Law, son of former major league infielder Vance Law and grandson of 1960 Cy Young Award winner Vernon Law.
  • In the 17th round the Dodgers took RHP Greg Harris Jr. out of Los Alamitos High. Harris is the son of former big league pitcher Greg Harris, who pitched with both his right and left hand in his penultimate major league game in 1995. The normally right-handed Harris walked Hal Morris as a left-handed pitcher, then got Eddie Taubensee to ground out.
  • The Dodgers in the 19th round drafted Florida high school shortstop Blake Hennessey, son of Dodgers area scout Scott Hennessey, credited with finding first round pick Chris Anderson, 16th round pick RHP Peter Miller and 39th round pick Jake Sidwell, a high school catcher.
  • The Dodgers in the 20th round drafted Holy Cross third baseman Michael Ahmed, brother of Diamondbacks prospect Nick Ahmed.
  • High school third baseman Andrew McWilliam is the son of Tigers scout Tim McWilliam.
  • In the 33rd round the Dodgers took Pacific outfielder Tyger Pederson, the older brother of Dodgers prospect Joc Pederson and son of former Dodgers relief pitcher Stu Pederson. The Pedersons, it appears, had some fun when it came to baby naming.
  • Dillon Moyer, the shortstop taken in the 38th round out of the great school UC San Diego, is the son of former and possible future pitcher Jamie Moyer.
  • Jake Sidwell, the high school catcher taken in the 39th round, is the son of Dodgers scout Rob Sidwell, who was credited with finding the 5th rounder Underwood.

In addition to the Dodgers' bloodlines picks, here are some picks by other teams with ties to the Dodgers:

  • J.P. Crawford, a distant cousin of outfielder Carl Crawford, was taken by the Phillies in the first round, 16th overall.
  • Chad Wallach, son of third base coach and former third baseman Tim Wallach, was drafted by the Marlins in the fifth round, 142nd overall. The Dodgers drafted Wallach in the 43rd round in 2010, but he did not sign. The Dodgers have drafted all three of Wallach's sons; they still have Matt Wallach in the system, while Brett Wallach is still in the Cubs system after getting traded for Ted Lilly.
  • Ricky Knapp, son of Dodgers pitching coordinator Richard Knapp, was selected by the Mets in the eighth round.
  • Jordan Sheffield, nephew of former outfielder Gary Sheffield, was taken by the Red Sox in the 13th round.
  • Cal Quantrill, son of former relief pitcher Paul Quantrill, was drafted by the Yankees in the 26th round.
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