MLB Draft 2013: Dodgers sign SS Brandon Trinkwon (7th round)


Trinkwon is one of several 2013 draft picks who will begin their professional careers in Ogden with the Raptors beginning Pioneer League play on Thursday.

The Dodgers have signed shortstop Brandon Trinkwon out of UC Santa Barbara, their seventh round pick in the 2013 MLB Draft. Trinkwon reportedly signed for the slot amount of $171,900, per Jim Callis of Baseball America.

Trinkwon is one of several 2013 draft picks on the roster of the rookie league Ogden Raptors, who begin play on Thursday. Trinkwon is joined by pitchers J.D. Underwood (fifth round), Jacob Rhame (sixth), James Baune (21st), Jake Fisher (22nd), Kyle Hooper (25th) and Thomas Taylor (26th), catcher Kyle Farmer (eighth), outfielder Henry Yates (ninth), and shortstop Dillon Moyer (38th).

The Dodgers have now signed nine of their first 10 picks, with only 10th-rounder Nick Keener, a right-handed pitcher out of Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. Keener was likely signed for well under slot, much like Yates, but that also means Farmer had to be under slot as well unless the Dodgers are willingly forfeiting a future first round draft pick.

If the Dodgers hit five percent over their bonus pool (or $260,585 over), they will have to forfeit a future first round pick in addition to a 75% tax on the overage amount. If they are over but not at five percent over, they would just have to pay the 75% tax.

The Dodgers are at least $423,200 over slot in known deals, and that's without counting whatever overage that fifth-round pick J.D. Underwood signed for. For the Dodgers to avoid losing a first-round pick, they have to have Farmer and Keener under slot by at least $162,615 plus the Underwood overage.

Here's a look at the Dodgers' draft bonus pool.

Dodgers 2013 MLB Draft
Round Player Signed Bonus Slot amount Over (under)
1 Chris Anderson lhp yes $2,109,900 $2,109,900 $0
2 Tom Windle lhp yes $986,500 $986,500 $0
3 Brandon Dixon 3b yes $566,500 $566,500 $0
4 Cody Bellinger 1b yes $700,000 $409,000 $291,000
5 J.D. Underwood rhp yes unknown $306,200 unknown
6 Jacob Rhame rhp yes $300,000 $229,300 $70,700
7 Brandon Trinkwon ss no $171,900 $171,900 $0
8 Kyle Farmer c yes unknown $153,600 unknown
9 Henry Yates of yes $5,000 $143,500 ($138,500)
10 Nick Keener rhp no $135,300
Picks 11-40 (bonuses over $100,000): Navin
$0 $200,000
Totals $5,211,700 $423,200 (+8.12%)
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