Letter tells us how baseball can lift the spirit


In the midst of the worst thing that you can imagine, baseball is a magical tonic

Super Bowl Open Thread


While we are on the threshold of starting spring training, apparently the NFL has something going on today in which Madonna is involved.

A brief TBLA Editorial


A brief TBLA Editorial

West Hills Little Leaguers doing their part to fight Cancer


West Hills Little Leaguers doing their part to fight Cancer

Dodger fans all over the world


Dodger fans all over the world

National Championship Game Thread

Oregon vs. Auburn for the BCS National Championship.  It's hard to believe it was just yesterday that Oregon was facing Oregon State in the Civil War Game. And by yesterday, I mean approximately...

USA versus Ghana Game Thread


With the first elimination game being on a Saturday, I felt a dedicated game thread on the front page was appropriate.  These past few days after the Algeria win have been fantastic, let's see if...

Clips Nation Night at Staples Center! Saturday, April 10th


via Attention Clipper fans (and yes Laker fans I suppose) the Clippers have established a Clipsnation night with our SBNation Clipper blog.  I know there are quite a few of...

Greatest Laker ever?


Kobe is now the greatest scorer in Laker history, a history loaded with some of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game. Has he done enough to now be considered the greatest...

Rihanna and Matt Kemp making news


Rihanna and Matt Kemp making news


Dodger Thoughts


Jon can put anyone to sleep Recently Jon Weisman had this to say about True Blue on his Los Angeles Times Dodger Thoughts blog It has to be heartening to the Dodger community, if scary for me on a...

Lidlbit gets hitched


While many of you were enjoying the devaluation of the Giant Penny, I spent an even better time with my wife watching True Blue's own Lidlbit get married. Heather is my oldest niece and stole my...

The Shot


Posnanski - Federer - The Shot - Chills

Think Cure Radiotelewebethon Today


The Dodgers are hosting a Radiotelewebethon today to raise money and promote awareness for cancer research.

NBA Finals Game 5 Chat


The Lakers look to close it out tonight, while Orlando looks to send it back to Los Angeles.

NBA Finals -- Game 4 Chat


Lakers win the first two at home, followed by a road loss in Game 3.  Where have I seen this before...

The Machine To Throw Out First Pitch Tonight


Sasha Vujacic, aka "The Machine," will throw out the first pitch tonight at Dodger Stadium. That gives me an excuse to show this video...                        

1988 All Over Again?


Congratulations to the Lakers for making the NBA Finals Friday night.  This is the 15th time in my lifetime that they have made the Finals, and the record 30th trip overall.  Bring on Orlando or...

Happy Mother's Day


I didn't get to watch one second of Saturday's Dodgers/Giants game, but I did manage to listen to a few innings of Eric Stults's masterpiece on radio.  Then I read the game story by Jim Peltz of...

OT: NFL Draft Thread


2009 NFL Draft discussion.

Lakers/Cavs Game Thread


The battle for the NBA's best record...again! The Lakers try to stop the Cavaliers, who have won all 23 games on their home court so far this season, in a battle between the two players who will...

Lakers/Celtics Belated Game Chat


The battle for the best record in the NBA...

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