Los Angeles Dodgers Payroll

The Los Angeles Dodgers payroll, including all transactions, salaries, and news regarding contract details and payouts for the entire team.

Andre Ethier Reportedly 'Close' To $85 Million Contract Extension


The Dodgers are reportedly close to a contract extension with right fielder Andre Ethier, who will be the first big splash of the new ownership group. Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported the deal as...

2012 Dodgers Payroll At $114 Million, With $22 Million Of Dead Money


The Dodgers 2012 opening day payroll is a shade over $114 million, almost identical to last year, up less than $1 million. This includes actual money paid out this year to the 25 players on the...

Clayton Kershaw Avoids Arbitration With 2-Year, $19 Million Deal


Joe Beimel remains the last Dodger to have a salary arbitration hearing. Clayton Kershaw avoided his next two hearings today, signing a two-year deal worth $19 million.

Dodgers Contract Incentives


Now that Andre Ethier and James Loney have avoided arbitration, the Dodgers have 16 players under contract in 2012, with Clayton Kershaw soon to be number 17 at some point in the next month. Both...

Clayton Kershaw, Dodgers Far Apart Now, But Settlement Seems Likely

The Dodgers took care of two of their three arbitration-eligible players on Tuesday, but one big fish remains. Andre Ethier and James Loney signed one-year deals, but the Dodgers were unable to...

James Loney Signs For $6.375 Million, Avoids Arbitration


The Dodgers avoided arbitration with James Loney today, signing him to a one-year deal worth $6.375 million plus performance bonuses, per his agency CAA. Last week I guessed a 2012 salary of $7.25...

Dodgers Avoid Arbitration With Andre Ethier


The Dodgers avoided arbitration with Andre Ethier, signing him to a one-year deal worth $10.95 million, plus performance bonuses per his agency, CAA. Ethier made $9.25 million 2011 in the final...

Salary Arbitration Eligible Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw


Classify this one as a good problem to have: Clayton Kershaw is too good for salary arbitration.The salary arbitration process was built to create a system of compensation for players not yet...

Salary Arbitration Eligible Dodgers: James Loney


Our next look at Dodgers eligible for salary arbitration brings us to James Loney, the first baseman who forged an interesting path in 2011. In the first half of the season, Loney looked like he...

Salary Arbitration Eligible Dodgers: Andre Ethier

The Dodgers entered the offseason with seven players eligible for salary arbitration. These players, with between three and six years of MLB service time, has been whittled down to three through a...

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