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College basketball analyst Seth Davis sorry for homophobic MMA comments


Seth Davis, college basketball analyst for CBS and Sports Illustrated, is a dad and has no problem letting his sons watch two guys pummel each other in a boxing match. But he draws the line at...

Fired sportscaster Damian Goddard featured in ads against gay marriage


Damian Goddard was fired by Rogers Sportsnet in Canada last year after he tweeted his opposition to NHL player Sean Avery's support of gay marriage. Goddard is now featured in ads in four states...

Video: Charles Mann lets LaRon Landry know he's not hitting on him


LaRon Landry A funny sideline moment with former Washington Redskin Charles Mann doing an awkward sideline interview with LaRon Landry (O.J....

Charles Barkley says all that would matter is whether a gay athlete can play


Leave it to the unique Charles Barkley to distill the gays in sports debate to its essence: The only thing that matters is whether a guy can play or not. From Michael Hiestand at USA Today: B...

School president called 'queer' for softball


Longtime Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman said Marshall University's president must be "queer for softball," saying he favored the sport over the school's baseball team. Brennaman now...

Frank Luntz shows he's clueless


For some reason, CBS' "NFL Today" had the political pollster Frank Luntz on to dissect which players communicated well. Luntz was billed as a "language expert" for his use of meters to register how...

Bob Griese suspended for taco comment


Bob Griese ESPN college football analyst and NFL Hall of Famer Bob Griese has been suspended one week by the network after a remark he made...

Jon Gruden's homoerotic moment


New ESPN NFL analyst Jon Gruden may be a candidate to join Phil Simms in the homoerotic announcing Hall of Fame. I already have heard him enthuse about a player's physical traits and talk about...

Video: Amazing baseball prediction comes true


Mike Blowers is an analyst for the Seattle Mariners baseball broadcasts. Each game he picks who he thinks will be the player of the game. Sunday, he highlighted little-known Matt Tuiasosopo,...

Fox screws up Obama's first pitch


Leave it to Fox Sports to screw up what should be the easiest shot in baseball: The ceremonial first pitch. But that's just what the bozos did at tonight's All-Star Game in St. Louis, when we saw...

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