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Pitcher Comparison

Joel Zumaya: 83.3 IP, 10.48 K/9, 4.53 BB/9, 2.31 K/BB, .64 HR/9, 1.93 ERA, 21 Years Old.

Jonathan Broxton: 76.3 IP 11.44 K/9, 3.89 BB/9, 2.93  K/BB, .82 HR/9, 2.59 ERA, 22 Years Old.

Why is Joel Zumaya being hailed as the most unstoppable thing ever while Broxton gets next to no love? Does the extra three or four miles per hour faster that Zumaya throws mean more than the extra bats Broxton misses?

I'm not disparaging Zumaya here, all I'm saying is that Broxton is just as awesome.