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Maybe being a major league manager involves lots of work to keep a happy clubhouse. I don't know. What I do know is that a major league manager has very few decisions to make during the course of the game, and generally they're pretty straightforward.

Case in point, if you have Yadier Molina coming up with a World Series game on the line, you pinch hit for him. Never mind the fact that Chris Duncan .who hit .293/.363/.589 this year, .318/.390/.644 against righties, was available. As long as you have any competent hitter on the bench, you pinch hit for Molina. Consider this: only two hitters who had at least 425 plate appearances had a lower OPS than Yadier Molina this year, Brad Ausmus and Angel Berroa, and Molina lead them by two and three points, respectively. In an American league game, Yadier Molina is the closest thing to an automatic out you are going to get.

Since Tony Larussa is the smartest man in baseball, or whatever people call him, I'm sure this will go forgotten, but how is this any worse than not pulling Pedro Martinez from a game when he's exceeded his pitch count. At least Grady had to consider that Pedro is a superior pitcher to anyone in the bullpen, the only consequence to yanking Molina is having to use Gary Bennett as the catcher.  While Bennett is pretty much Yadier Molina without the defense, it's a far better alternative than practically conceding the game. But, heck, I'm sure there will be plenty of opportunities to win the World Series, right?