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SBN Awards: Day One

Sports Blog Nation, the network that this blog belongs to, had its writers cast ballots for season ending awards. The results for the first award, Rookie of the Year, were released today on Talking Chop, the SBN Braves blog.

The voters only cast ballots for the league they write about, so I only voted for the NL rookie of the year. For rookie of the year, I just ranked rookies in terms of Wins Against Replacement player. I chose this stat because it incorporates offense and defense, as well as adjusting for position and park factors. The end result was this:

Dan Uggla (7.5 WARP1)
Takashi Saito (6.9)
Hanley Ramirez (6.5)

Ryan Zimmerman just missed the ballot with 6.4 WARP. After Zimmerman, there was a pretty big drop off to the 5.5 range which included Russell Martin, Josh Johnson, and Matt Cain. Strangely, the numbers on Baseball Prosepctus seem to have changed from when I filled this out at the end of the season, no clue as to why that happened.

Come back over the next few days to see the results of all the awards, along with the bizarre methodologies I used to pick my candidates.