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Yet Another Pitcher Comparision

Trevor Hoffman, second in Cy Young voting: 0-2, 2.14 ERA, 63 IP, 50 K (7.14 K/9), 13 BB (1.86 BB/9), 6 HR (.85 HR/9), 46 saves.

Takashi Saito, reciever of one third place vote: 6-2, 2.07 ERA, 78.3 IP, 107 K (12.29 K/9), 23 BB (2.64 BB/9), 3 HR (.34 HR/9), 24 saves.

I'm not arguing that Saito should have finished second in the voting, it's that there's really no justification for putting him behind Hoffman. A relief pitcher needs to put up an Eric Gagne like 2003 to even get consideration, and even then it's hard to justify him winning th award. Thank God Russ Ortiz wasn't around to put up one of his classic empty 20 win seasons, or I'd be delivering a far more unplesant rant.