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SBN Awards: Day Two

Day two of the SBN awards brings us to the least interesting of the awards, Manager of the Year. Manager of the Year awards are mostly pointless in my opinion. The part of the managers job that we can quantify, his day-to-day moves, have very little effect in the end. Sure a terrible manager (cough, Jim Tracy, cough) can cost a team several games by refusing to play the correct players, but for the most part, a manager's moves don't effect the outcome of a game all that much.

This leaves all that intangible stuff as the primary measure of a manager's worth, and I'm not comfortable with that. How much of the Marlins season can we contribute to Joe Giradi's leadership? I don't know, nor does anyone else. Because of this, I'm forced to throw this stuff out the window and I'm left with pure tactical moves.

To determine manager of the year, I looked at three things: non-pitcher bunts, bad players getting inordinate amounts of playtime, and if the best relief pitchers had the highest leverage scores. From there, I non-scientifically generated some rankings for the managers, giving me these results:

Grady Little
Bruce Bochy
Charley Manuel

Thanks to my "I can't measure mojo" belief, I'm the only guy who didn't list Joe Giradi out of the 28 ballots. I say, if Joe Girardi wanted to be manager of the year, maybe he shouldn't have bunted so much.