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Selling Out

If you have eyeballs, you've noticed the new ads that have appeared on this site. The bossman tells the whole story.

we're putting up ads to try and fund a complete redesign of the sites (and therefore make the ads much more natural in the design).  These ads are just rotating placement ads to show big companies what the placement is like.

We're trying to make them as unobtrusive as possible, but we can't move the top banner ad.  That's the one advertisers are paying the most for right now.  We're going to try and make it more seamless in the coming weeks and less obtrusive, but for now, it's going to stay the way it is.  As for the ads in the middle of the post, well, I thought those were pretty obscure and advertisers also love those for some strange reason.

Now, I hate ads too, and if it were up to me, they wouldn't be here, but I don't fault Blez for actually wanting to make money off SBN. Thanks for understanding.