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That Gonzalez Guy Is Only Going To Slug .412. Let's Get Him Anyway

Ned Colletti appeared on T.J. Simers radio show and gave his rationale for signing Luis Gonzalez. Colletti admitted that Gonzo's power was gone, but he's good for 35 doubles and that he's a good clubhouse guy. He's there to make sure that Kemp and Ethier aren't guaranteed a starting job.

Assuming all of this is true (and there's a good chance it isn't), my opinion of Colletti somehow slipped a little further. If Gonzo does exactly what he did last year, except hit 35 doubles and say 11 home runs, he would slug .412. If those lost doubles and home runs become outs instead of singles, he would slug .375.

If Colletti actually expects Gonzalez to do this, why on Earth did he acquire him? If it's to put pressure on Ethier, why not just have Marlon Anderson do it (again) if he thing's Gonzalez is going to barely slug .400. However, Colletti wanting to put pressure on the rookies also conflicts with previous reports that Gonzalez is guaranteed a starting job, so who knows what to believe.

I can understand Colletti acquiring Gonzalez if he thought he was going to repeat his .271/.352/.444 performance in 2006. I wouldn't agree with him, but at least I could see where he's coming from. Acquiring a guy that he already knows is going to be terrible for seven million plus just boggles the mind.