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I'm Alone At Work And Posting Is Better Than Counting Ceiling Tiles

A couple days ago, Randy Johnson was placed on the trading block, and inexplicably, the Dodgers are named as one of his suitors. Now, this is almost certainly nonsense. The Dodgers already have eight starters, a full 25 man roster, and a good sized payroll. While Randy Johnson would probably improve the Dodgers in 2007, it's not worth the loss in personell for what wouldn't be that big of a jump in performance.

What exactly does Ned Colletti do to get rumored to be involved in almost every player, no matter how much sense it may make? If Colletti has actually been in contact with half the players that he's been rumored to be interested, he's one of the hardest working GMs out there. I may not like him all that much, but he certainly puts in his time.