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Dodgers Eligible For The Rule V Draft

From Notes In A Minor Key

INF Sergio Garcia
P B.J. LaMura
P Danny Muegge
P Alvis Ojeda

None of these players are all that interesting.

Garcia is a 26 year old backup infielder who had a sudden breakout year, hitting .328/.404/.486 for Vegas. Prior to this, his best season was with the GCL Dodgers, where he hit .274/.383/.344.

B.J. LaMura was the return for Sandy Alomar Jr. He  has some gaudy strikeout numbers, but walks just as many.

Danny Muegge is the last remaining player from the Shawn Green trade. He saw his strikeout rate drop and his home run rate rise as he pitched in AA for the first time at age 25.

Alvis Ojeda had some decent numbers as a spot starter/reliever for Jacksonville, but nothing that says he deserves to be promoted.

I don't think any of these guys are in danger of being taken in tomorrow's draft.