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Open Thread: Game 7

So, Jim Tracy, we meet again. Grady little gets into the mood by playing the intangibles of Ramon Martinez at third base. Which brings up a good question: just how exhausting is it to play three games in two days? I mean, anyone who does any kind of manual labour puts out eight hours of effort five days in a row. Is playing third base really so taxing that a thirty year old man needs to take a day off? This seems a little crazy to me.

Regardless, the Dodgers need to pick up a few wins in Pittsburgh to avoid digging themselves a hole early in the season. The Giants are off to a lucky start (they have scored two fewer runs than they've allowed, yet they're 4-2) and we can't have them getting too far ahead.

The Pitching Matchup:

Odalis Perez (LHP, Dodgers) vs. Zach Duke (LHP, Pirates)

For your Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Repko, CF
Cruz, LF
Kent, 2B
Saenz, 1B
Ross, RF
Navarro, C
Martinez, 3B
Perez, P

For the Pittsburgh Pirates

Duffy, CF
Wilson (Jack), SS
Casey, 1B
Bay, LF
Burnitz, RF
Randa, 3B
Castillo, 2B
Cota, C
Duke, P