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Open Thread: Game 3

It's nice to get a win. Hopefully we can get the series. It was good to see some decent pitching as well. Here's a quote from Baez (courtesy of after he pitched yeasterday:

"They told me yesterday that Gagne wouldn't be ready and I would be closing today," said Baez, acquired in the offseason as insurance because of Gagne's uncertain health. "If I have to pitch tomorrow, three days in a row, I think I'll be ready. Come tomorrow and I'll tell you. I think we're going to win, 10-0, and there's no need."

Both his attitude and pitching made me smile.

Here are tonight's starting Linups.

For the Atlanta Braves

Giles, 2B
Renteria, SS
Diaz, LF
Jones (Andruw), CF
Francoeur, RF
Betemit, 3B
LaRoche, 1B
Pratt, C
Ramirez P

For your Los Angeles Dodgers

Furcal, SS
Cruz, LF
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Saenz, 1B
Mueller, 3B
Repko, CF
Alomar, C
Perez (Odalis), P

Let's Roll!