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Open Thread: Game 34 - vs. Houston Astros


Here's how bad it's gotten for the Mariners' $15 million flop, Adrian Beltre:

Every player gets a positive-seeming statistic flashed on the scoreboard when he comes to bat. But Beltre's been so terrible (he's hitting .221), this is what the Mariners PR staff had to resort to during last night's game:

Hitting .307 when wearing alternate blue jersey


Well, the good news is that the Dodgers are playing for their improbable fifth win in a row tonight. The bad news is, if they get it, they'll be 5-5 in their last 10 games. But more good news: A win tonight will push them back to .500.  

The Boys in Blue will send Brett Tomko (3-1, 3.41 ERA) to the mound in search of the win. He'll be opposed by Taylor Buchholz (2-1, 2.16 ERA), who has had a very good year so far.

The Dodgers have never faced him.