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Open Thread: Game 37 @ San Francisco Giants

Apologies for the late gameday thread, I made an error on today's start time. The Giants apparently waited to get started until late as well, touching Baez up for 4 runs. I think it's safe to say that he's not Eric Gagne. In fact, it looks more nad more like Saito should be closing.

On the bright side, the Dodgers took the game yesterday with Saito fanning threem, Sele got in another solid start, and the Dodger bats are creating runs. And Jeff Kent homered agaain.

The team can't seem to get over the .500 hump any more than they did early in the year. tomorow they fight the Giants in a battle to stay out of last place.

Still no home run number 714 for Bonds. One more game, and we send him on the road to catch the Bambino.

The Pitching Matchup:

Aaron Sele (RHP, Dodgers) vs. Noah  Lowry (LHP, Giants)