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Open Thread: Game 46 - vs. Colorado Rockies

I was really impressed with Martin's play behind the plate last night, and I think the starting job should be his, at least to share with Navarro. Hopefully the Dodgers can admit that Alomar is not necessary. Young catchers are actually not particularly durable, and a sharing of the load will allow the two young catchers to stay fresh while still gaining experience. Also, an extended audition for them both will help management figure out what they want to do long-term.

Little got away with resting another starter last night, and he got another timely pinch hit from said starter as well. I'm starting to believe in his mojo a little. Maybe Joe Morgan will cover a Dodger game soon and he can explain it to me. Whatever. Nomar is back in the lineup tonight, and running away with the "MVP so-far" poll (right over there --->). I struggled with my vote, since Drew has be there day-in and day-out (in your face, DePodesta haters), but in the end I voted for Nomar because of the "clutch" hits. Whether they have predictive value or not, they were big, important hits. They are the stuff legends are made of (see Kirk Gibson).

Little's mojo, Nomar's "clutchiness," the emergence of the kids. I feel something special coming on. Now we need a starter to dream on, a Big Game Winner (like 2-0 in the WS, maybe), an intimidator. Make me believe, Brad Penny!

Go Blue.

The Pitching Matchup:

Jason Jennings (RHP, Rockies) vs. Brad Penny (RHP, Dodgers)

For the (25-20) Colorado Rockies:

Sullivan, CF
Atkins, 3B
Helton, 1B
Holliday, LF
Hawpe, RF
Gonzalez, 2B
Barmes, SS
Ojeda, C
Jennings, P

For your (25-20) Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Cruz, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Aybar, 3B
Ethier, LF
Martin, C
Penny, P