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Open Thread: Game 28 - vs. San Diego Padres

O.K., Maybe Perez wouldn't look so hot as a #4 starter after all. That was the low point of the season: first three game streak (losing) and third giant lead blown. On the positive side, I'm not hung up on the 1-run losses--in fact I am encouraged by the fact that we're not getting blown out.

Grady Little came in with a reputation for leaving guys in too long. I don't know if he deserved it or not, since the Pedro Martinez melt down was so high profile it could have been single-handedly responsible for the bad rap. Either way, here's a little tip for Grady: if you want to rid yourself of the reputation, take a pitcher out too early. In fact, do it a lot. Overdo it. If we wear out the bullpen, just get a new one. Bring up Houlton, Sele, Billingsly, or whatever. I'm not going to miss Hamulack, I swear. Seriously, take the freakin' pitcher out.

Which, of course, brings us to Jae Seo. He's gonna have to be the "stopper" who ends the bleeding. A week ago, the news that the Padres were coming to town would have been very encouraging. Their struggles with offensive production may be ending, however--they've scored 6, 10, and 5 runs in their last three games. Who woke those guys up?

The Pitching Matchup:

Chris Young (RHP, Padres) vs. Jae Seo (RHP, Dodgers)

For the San Diego Padres:

Roberts, LF
Cameron, CF
Giles, RF
Piazza, C
Bellhorn, 1B
Greene, SS
Castilla, 3B
Barfield, 2B
Chris Young, P

For your Los Angeles Dodgers:

Lofton, CF
Furcal, SS
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Mueller, 3B
Ethier, LF
Navarro, C
Seo, P