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Open Thread: Game 33 - vs. Houston Astros

After sweeping a weekend series for the first time all year, the Dodgers seek to even the score with the Astros, who beat them 2 out of 3 a couple of weeks ago.

Tonight's game will tell if the off-day gave the team much needed rest or if it interrupted the modest hot streak.

In addition to the expected Mueller return to the lineup, Odalis Perez should be back in town sometime today, which means the roster will be shuffled. Look for updates.

Jae Seo (1-2, 4.85 ERA) is looking for his third quality start in a row tonight vs. Andy Pettitte, who leads the lead in crossing 't's in his signature. Oh, and also, can really pitch. Just not this season apparently. (2-4, 5.06 ERA) The Dodgers hope that trend continues.