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Open Thread: Game 75 - vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

Having gotten through Tomko and Sele with fine performances, the Dodgers turn to Brad penny to complete the sweep. I wonder how JT feels about Dodger Stadium.... The Dodgers will have to deal with starting an all-shortstop infield: Nomar, Ramon II, Furcal, and Izzy.

Go Blue.

The Pitching Match-up:

Kip Wells (RHP. Pirates) vs. Brad Penny (RHP, Dodgers)

For the (26-50) Pittsburgh Pirates:

McLouth, CF
Sanchez, SS
Casey, 1B
Bay, LF
Burnitz, RF
Randa, 3B
Castillo, 2B
Paulino, C
Wells, P

For your (39-35) Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, RF
Ethier, LF
Martinez, 2B
Izturis, 3B
Martin, C
Penny, P