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Open Thread: Game 76 - @ Minnesota Twins

Alone at last. The Dodgers top the NL West again after a couple of nice results from Tomko and Sele. The offensive juggernaut ploughs forward through the opposition. They'll have to be on their game for this series.

Minnesota is exactly the opposite of the kind of hot the Pirates were coming into the last series. They're 9-1 in their last ten, just like the A's were when the Dodgers went to Oakland. That one didn't turn out well.

But the Dodgers get a nice opportunity tonight to continue to string out the standings in the NL West. The lineup looks pretty solid with Kent back and four (!) outfielders in the lineup. I hope that Lofton is getting the start in the field over Drew because Grittle wants to rest Drew. I'd hate to think he really thinks Lofton is the better fielder.

Russel Martin gets no love, batting ninth behind Caesar Izturis. While Izzy has been amazing, that's still gotta hurt.

Go Blue.

The Pitching Match-up:

Chad Billingsley (RHP, Dodgers) vs. Carlos Silva (RHP, Twins)

For your (40-35) Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, DH
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Kemp, RF
Izturis, 3B
Martin, C

For the (39-35) Minnesota Twins:

Castillo, 2B
Punto, 3B
Mauer, C
Cuddyer, RF
Morneau, 1B
Hunter, CF
Kubel, LF
Tiffee, DH
Bartlett, SS