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Game Wrap: Game 78 - Dodgers 3, Twins 6

The pitching just doesn't seem to be shutting down quality team. I don't think Mark Hendrickson is going to change that. Despit having great offensive production, this team remains a slightly-above-average one because the pitching is not shtting people down. The way to change that is not to upgrade the back end of the rotation, its to acquire a pitcher that is better than any you have, and slide everyone down a slot. Then you upgrade every slot in the rotation.

Johan Santana would be nice: 9 K's, 2 hits in seven innings today. Dodger pitching gave it up early again, with Odalis Perez being forced to deal with a grand slam in the first. If he survives this season, Odalis should at least have some first class coping skills. Are those intangible?

Did I mention that interleague play was an abomination. Except when we're sweeping the Angels.

So 42-35 Minnesota is currently 11 games back, while the Dodgers, 40-38 after moving into sole posetion of first place and promtly getting swept by the Twins, are just one game out. The last place Diamondbacks are just 3.5 games back (of the Padres, for those keeping track). There's still time for Ned to make a move. He has one last top prospect to deal (but a proven veteran backup catcher--sorry, another proven veteran backup catcher--and a wafer-thin upgrade in starting pitching to show for it.

O.K. everybody, take a day off and lets meet back up in Anaheim and kick some a**.