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Open Thread: Game 61 - @ Colorado Rockies

The division race has tightened up again after it looked like the Dodgers and  Diamondbacks might separate from the pack. The Giants are breathing down the Dodgers' collective neck, and the Padres are right on the Giants' heels.

Andre Ethier is getting the start tonight, as Grady Little continues to try to find playing time for all those who deserve it. The top offense in the NL comes into Coors field hoping to knock the moisture out of their humidor-seasoned balls. (That's not offensive, is it?)

A win tonight and a loss by the D'backs will put our boys in first where they belong. Not that anyone's counting. It should be a good one, with strong pitching (Penny vs. the sidearmer, Kim) and lots of good hitters. What'll it be?

Go Blue.

The Pitching Match-up:

Brad Penny (RHP. Dodgers) vs. Byung-Hyun Kim (RHP, Rockies)

For your Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Lofton, CF
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, RF
Aybar, 3B
Ethier, LF
Martinez, 2B
Martin, C
Penny, P

For the Colorado Rockies:

Carroll, 2B
Sullivan, CF
Helton, 1B
Holliday, LF
Atkins, 3B
Hawpe, RF
Torrealba, C
Barmes, SS
Byung-Hyun Kim, P