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Open Thread: Game 80 - @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Penny came through last night, time to see what Hendrickson can do. While I can't say that I supported the trade, I confess that I'm hopeful for Hendrickson. We'll see. Ethier, Angel Killer, stays in the lineup with Hall taking over catching duties to match up with his old battery mate.

And: hooray! Grittle finally listed to those of us praying he would get Lofton out of center field. I'm sure it's only a stay, not a pardon, but I'll take it. Enjoy Matt Kemp's defense.

Go Blue.

The Pitching Match-up:

Mark Hendrickson (LHP. Dodgers) vs. Kelvim Escobar (RHP, Angels)

For your (41-38) Los Angeles Dodgers:

Furcal, SS
Lofton, DH
Garciaparra, 1B
Drew, RF
Kent, 2B
Ethier, LF
Kemp, CF
Hall, C
Izturis, 3B

For the (35-44) Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim:

Figgins, 2B
Izturis, 3B
Cabrera, SS
Guerrero, RF
Napoli, C
Anderson, LF
Salmon, DH
Rivera, CF
Quinlan, 1B