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Game Wrap: Game 79 - @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Home Cookin'. Can't beat it. The Dodgers are stoked to be home in Los Angeles of Anaheim. The Dodgers have beaten the Angels in four of four, which, along with the Dodgers getting swept in Oakland, means that the Dodgers have managed to account for half of the seven games by which the Angels trail the first-place A's.

Andre Ethier has plagued the Angels (10 for 17 with three home runs). i guess the Angels can at least be thankful that he's not in Oakland. He's certainly doing Colletti proud.

Nice job flashing to Eddie Murray during the 7 hitters in 15 pitches routine played on Colon in the third inning. If anyone knows about first-pitch hitting, it's Eddie. Colon seems to prefer a direct approach at hitters, which might explain his ability to go deep into games. Or maybe it just explains his 6+ ERA.

Izturis looked sweet with the glove, but weak on offense. Hmmm. Maybe not at third base. Oh well, I can't help loving to watch him play. But not as much as I like watching Nomar hit doubles. I wonder if he'd consider playing third. Maybe Kenny Lofton could play first (just kidding). Though it would be nice to see Kemp out in center. Ethier is good enough in left.

Penny worried me with the deep counts early, but he managed to get through seven. This, by the way, is why I would like to see the Dodgers rent Maddux for half a year: he'll keep the 'pen off of the mound. Somebody's gotta do it. gagne would be nice. And of course--of course--another starter like BP.