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The Case for the Defense

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Dodgers' defense is: "plead guilty and fall on the mercy of the court."

However, Beyond the Boxscore has come up with a more useful evaluation of not just the Dodgers' defense, but that of the whole league. Marc Normandin has ranked the players with more than 300 innings at their position by "Runs Above Average," which. As you may have guessed, is meant to represent the number of runs that their defense has contributed to the team's overall net runs (That's run differential, so a run saved is a run earned). I highly advise checking this out, as the answers may surprise you. For example, Nomar is slightly below average at first while (and this is totally unfair) Albert Pujols is the best defensive first baseman in baseball. I'm depressed.

So please check these out. The infielders can be found here, the outfielders here.