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I Remember this Guy

"It feels good, especially when I read in the paper that I've got a tired act. I've done nothing but play hard. It's a shame people look to gain in their personal career by tearing me down."

That was Milton Bradley's reaction to hitting a walk-off homer to give the A's a half-game lead over the Angels. It pretty much encapsulates the MB experience: Dynamic, dramatic play, followed by a display of his weak psyche. It is no wonder that Ned Colletti, who values players who react well to adversity, shipped him out post-haste. But it is also a reminder of Milton's amazing game. There is a reason that an astute GM like Billy Beane was willing to part with Andre Ethier in exchange for the mercurial center fielder. He does some amazing things.

As a Dodger fan, I am hugely pleased with the trade. Not only is Ethier actually better than I expected MB to be, but his attitude is fantastic. He may not be the most exciting post-game interview ever, but he displays an attitude that we can all respect, and it feels good to root for him. Colletti has definitely won this one so far:

Milton Bradley: .825 OPS, 155 AB plus Antonio Perez: .287 OPS, 71 AB
Andre Ethier: 952 OPS, 229 AB

Still, a part of me misses the guy. I just can't help it.