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Ned Colletti: Deal Maker (Initial Thoughts)

Izturis for Maddux (and cash!)

O.K., I can get behind this. I said weeks ago (when the Dodgers were favorites to win the division) that Maddux would be a nice addition. If not for his dominance, which seems gone, then for his ability to pitch late into games (5 of his last seven starts saw him pitch 7 innings) and, yes, positive influence on the other pitchers.

That last bit may be overrated, and I sure do like Izzy, but the deal works. Our pitching stinks, and Izzy had no future with the team. Plus, it's not like Ned's sacrifing the future for a rental. Good.

Guzman and Sergio Pedroza for Julio Lugo

I'm starting to like Tampa Bay in 2008. Will they be moving to Vero Beach? Tiffany, Jackson, Navarro, and now Guzman are all part of TB's future, not ours. For them we have received Hendrickson, Hall, part of Wilson Betamit ( probably the part that bats right handed), and now Julio Lugo. Now I'm cold-hearted enough to accept trading Guzman, but Julio Lugo? Someone has to stop Ned Colletti from acquiring every freaking shortstop in the world.

The real problem here is that the near-term future takes a hit--maybe. It all depends on Guzman, the 21 year-old who was the most highly thought of prospect going into spring training. He's been struggling this year, and he might not be as good as we thought. But Julio Lugo also isn't as good as we thought Guzman was. Unless Lugo is totally amazing, I'm not going to be happy about this until Guzman proves to be a bust.