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It's Over

Summarizing Julio Lugo's night:

Picked off of first
Grounds into fielder's choice
Caught stealing home
Chooses to dive for a ball instead of taking one step to the left
Line out

All in all, not a great night. Fangraphs gives Lugo -22.5 win percentage added for last night, but if you give him the credit for Brad Hawpe's single that he so richly deserves, it costs him an additional (and this is just eyeballing the graph) 35 percent, dropping him to -57.5% on the game. Not quite Danys Baez allowing five runs in the ninth, but still pretty bad.

For Lugo, this terrible game might end up costing him dearly. It seems like Grady Little has the same idea about what to do with Lugo with Kent and Nomar back that everyone else did, "I dunno". Because of this, Lugo might not have a position to play, but looking at the Dodger's roster might not be a terrible thing. I guess you could play him in center, but he's only played two innings there in his career. He could play third, but Betemit's hit just as well as Lugo this year and last night was the first time he ever played there. Shortstop seems like the most logical place to put him, but I don't think anyone's going to displace Rafael Furcal.

The game doesn't rest entirely on Julio Lugo's shoulders, Grady Little's decision to not hit for Lowe in the 7th with two out and runners on first and second hurt, especially when you consider that Little left Lowe in to face three terrible hitters in Barmes, Sullivan, and the pitcher, hitters that anyone could have retired. Plus when the team only scores one run, blame can be distributed to a lot of people.

I knew that the streak had to end at some point, but this was a pretty bad way to end it, especially considering the game that Derek Lowe pitched. Oh well, we'll get 'em tonight.