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Pointing Out Rick Monday's Hypocrisy Because I'm A Jerk

After Ray Durham lost a popup in the sun in the third inning of todays game, Rick Monday went off on a massive rant culiminating in him saying "If you aren't going to wear your sunglasses, don't bother going on the field." Now, since I don't like Rick Monday, and he was acting like a complete ass, I figured it wouldn't be that hard to find a picture of Rick Monday standing in centerfield sans glasses, which I would then throw up here, and I'd have a hearty laugh. Sadly, this wasn't meant to be, as the only pictures I could find of Monday in the field are from when he was saving the flag, and in those pictures, his face is obscured by the flag and the shadows.

Never one to give up easily when it comes to making Rick Monday look bad, I turned to The Griddle's Bob Timmerman for help, and he came through with an article from the September 11th, 1973 edition of the Chicago Defender.

With one out Rico Carty, minus his sunglasses, lost a routine popup in the sun, which was ruled a double. Then Cubs centerfielder Rick Monday did the same after getting a glove on one for the first run

While the article doesn't say for sure whether or not Monday was wearing sunglasses, he did lose the ball in the sun, and that's good enough for me. Rick Monday, you clearly had no buisness being out on that field without your sunglasses, for shame.

(You can see the whole article here if you have a Proquest subscription)