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Break Even

After tonights win, the Dodgers have managed to climb back to .500 after the All Star Break. It is rather amazing; if the Dodgers just went .500 in any normal way, I probably wouldn't be writing this post, I'd just maintain quiet confidence about the Dodgers making the playoffs, but playing really poorly, then playing really well brings out my inner cheerleader.

Tonight's game played almost like a replay of the game last night. On Thursday, Chad Billingsley managed to escape with only one run allowed despite walking six in five innings and allowing a home run. Hendrickson was similarly lowsy tonight. For his third start in a row, Mark Hendrickson made a mockery of the quality start rule, allowing only two runs in seven innings despite having a WHIP of two for the game.  

However, what's important is that the Dodgers are taking advantage of the luck they've been blessed with. Even though Lowry was just as blessed as Hendrickson tonight, the Dodgers still managed to find a way to win. Winning games that you don't deserve to win can make all the difference once the Dodgers hit a rough patch. It will make up for those times when they should win the game, but don't. Let's make it 14 out of 15 tomorrow.