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Missed A Transaction

Einar Diaz was purchased from AAA Buffalo, a minor league affiliate of the Indians on Saturday, and was added to the 40 man roster. Diaz is best known for being traded for Travis Hafner (he must be good!) and for making me think he's not horrible. When I was searching around for backup catchers this off season, Diaz's name caught my eye. "Hey, Einar Diaz wouldn't be a bad idea, let me go check his stats to make sure...oh." I presume this move was made so the Dodgers would have a third catcher to promote in September.

The move is ultimately harmless, if not a little pointless, since Diaz is only hitting .216/.267/.318 in the minors this year, and its hard to imagine that Edwin Bellorin, or almost any other catcher in the Dodgers organization, could be much worse. Maybe the Dodgers didn't want Bellorin to be exposed to waivers by taking him off the 40 man roster, but since Bellorin has already survived two Rule V drafts, I doubt this was an issue.

Either way, devoting two paragraphs to Einar Diaz is far more space than this transaction deserves.