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Top Of The Second, No Out

"And the Giants are looking for a bunt with Furcal up."

"Furcal, you'd better not bunt. Hennessey has absolutely nothing."


"God dammit, Grady."


"Ha, ha, it actually worked!"


"Wow, what a little league play. Don't think I've ever seen a bunt home run before."

Still doesn't mean the bunt was a good idea, but it is nice payback for Helton's inside the park homer a few days ago.

I must say, this sequence of events does seem very appropriate for Kirk Rueter night.

Let's immortalize that one:

- G. Maddux ground rule double to deep center
- R. Furcal safe at first on B. Hennessey's throwing error, G. Maddux to third, G. Maddux scored
- K. Lofton doubled to deep right
- N. Garciaparra singled to shortstop, K. Lofton to third
- J. Wright relieved J. Wright
- J.D. Drew singled to right, K. Lofton scored, N. Garciaparra to third
- J. Kent tripled to deep right center, N. Garciaparra and J.D. Drew scored
- A. Ethier singled to right, J. Kent scored
- W. Betemit singled to right, A. Ethier to second
- R. Martin walked, A. Ethier to third, W. Betemit to second
- G. Maddux hit sacrifice fly to center, A. Ethier scored
- R. Furcal grounded into double play second to shortstop to first, R. Martin out at second
- End of Inning (7 Runs, 7 Hits, 1 Error)

Hennessey's ERA jumped from 2.76 to 3.38 after this outing.