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Julio Lugo is NOT a Center Fielder

Bill Plaschke and people in chat rooms can stop talking about Lugo playing center field. He has plyed only one game--in his rookie season--in center field, and left field only 9 times. In addition, he has been vocal about being a shortstop, with Boston reportedly ending their interest out of fear that he would balk at playing second. Do you think he wants to be seen as a utility guy going into a contract year?

Of course I could be 180 degrees off on this: maybe he would want to be seen as a team player who will do what it takes to win. What do I know? Oh yeah, I know that he's only played one game in center field, that's what.

I still think that Colletti is determined to have a shortstop starting at every position:

1B Nomar Garciaparra
2B Ramon Matinez
SS Rafael Furcal
3B Wilson Betamit
CF Julio Lugo

Now if we can trade J.D. for Steven....