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Asking Nicely

Being passive agressive and just deleting comments didn't work, so I'll try being more forward: don't troll the comments section. That's all I'm really asking for. In fact, not being a troll isn't even that hard, just follow these simple guidlines:

Good: Andrew, you're wrong, here's why...
Worse, but still acceptable: Andrew, you're a moron.
Bad: DePo is never coming back, stop whining.

See, not that hard. I really don't want to turn off anonymous comments, since making people jump through hoops just to post here will promote even less discussion than there is now. The people who write this blog put a lot of work into it, and all I'm asking for is to just show a little respect for that.

Also, no one cares about whatever Internet drama you may have. This should be obvious, but please, don't shit up my site by trying to bring your issues with people that aren't me, or any other authors of this blog, over here.