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Open Thread: Game 126 - @ San Diego Padres

LA Dodgers (66-59) vs. San Diego (63-62) 7:05pm


LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .285/.358/.395
Kenny Lofton CF .318/.373/.418
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .330/.402/.533
J.D. Drew RF .277/.374/.453
Jeff Kent 2B .265/.359/.456
Andre Ethier LF .343/.386/.546
Julio Lugo 3B .241/.328/.296
Toby Hall C .314/.351/.343
Mark Hendrickson P .000/.071/.000

San Diego

Josh Barfield 2B .277/.315/.415
Brian Giles RF .274/.386/.397
Mike Cameron CF .266/.348/.485
Mike Piazza C .277/.338/.502
Adri?n Gonz?lez 1B .293/.344/.497
Ben Johnson LF .242/.327/.432
Mark Bellhorn 3B .189/.288/.357
Manny Alexander .000/.000/.000
Jake Peavy P .205/.205/.386

Pitching Matchup:

Mark Hendrickson vs Jake Peavy
1 W 6
5 L 12
5.19 ERA 4.55
50.1 IP 150.1
4.49 K/9 9.71
4.31 BB/9 2.76
0.72 HR/9 1.14

The Padres break my game thread generator once again as Manny Alexander makes his 2006 debut for the Padres. I really need to fix that bug.

The Padres have beat the Dodgers nine out of 12 this year, which has kept the Dodgers from running away with the NL west outright. Mark Hendrickson tries to stop the trend who has a pretty bad ERA, but his perhiperals still have himm as a pretty good pitcher. Hopefully Hendrickson got all of the regression to the mean out of his system, and actually throws some strikes tonight

In old friend news, Shawn Green was traded to the Mets to free up about 6.4 million dollars for the Diamondbacks. I really hope the Yankees go hog wild on pitching and block the D'Backs from doing anything this offseason. I'd really like Diamondbacks G.M. Josh Byrnes to screw something up soon so we can control this division for the next five years

Odalis Perez is making his fifth start for the Royals. After six, he's allowed two runs on seven hits, striking out four and walking nobody.

Bucs Dugout lets us know that Raul Mondesi is no longer just sitting on the beach drinkin' a beer. He's now Congressman Mondesi in the Dominican Republic. This will greatly reduce the opportunities for people to chill with him