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Credit Where Credit Is Due

I'm pretty down on Mark Hendrickson because he, well, sucks and always has sucked, but I have to give him credit for last nights game. Unlike his previous "quality starts" where he made a mockery of the term, Hendrickson pitched his second legitametly good game for the Dodgers. At least for one night, Hendricksons control problems vanished, he struck out a reasonable number of people, and he didn't allow any hard hit balls except for Piazza's smash that scored a run. It would be foolish to say that he's turned a corner, but if Hendrickson doesn't single handedly cost the Dodgers the game, let alone pitch well, we should be happy.

Sadly it wasn't enough, but there's no shame in getting beat by Jake Peavy, his ERA this year be damned. Now, if Penny loses to Woody Williams tonight, the race suddenly gets a lot more "interesting", in the negative sense. Fortunately, I have faith that the Dodgers will be able to score more than zero runs off Woody Williams, which would certainly be an improvement over last nights effort.